Student Trade brings learning to life through the exciting world of business, by getting local colleges & business’s working together on live commercial products, to enhance the learning experience for the students by developing products and services for local companies.

Are you a business that has an idea on a product or service but could do with fresh ideas and help with R&D?, then Student Trade is for you.

Through your local Chamber of Commerce and College you and your company can sign up to Student Trade.

In Great Britain unemployment is a massive issue, in particular youth employment is on the rise and small business’s are closing everyday due to lack of resources and finances.

More young people stay in further education because there is a lack of jobs in their area, even work placements for student’s are on the decline, so by utilising Student Trade you are helping:

  • * Your Business to Grow
  • * Inspiring young, local entrepreneurs
  • * Getting access to Future Employee’s
  • * Utilising Amenities the College can provide
  • * Tackling Youth Unemployment in Your Local Area.

Through Student Trade your companies product/service is getting the stamp of approval from a process that works and is seen to be tackling issues that matter today.

When people see the Student Trade logo on your product or service, your customer is buying into a quality process that is both ethical and has helped with local education & employment.

Colin Jackson

GB Olympic Hurdler and much loved Sportsman, synonymous with Excellence and Achievement

Colin has a passion for education and business, so fully endorses the Student Trade Process. He believes that the way forward for British business and Education is to work together to create jobs in our local area for our future business leader’s and to encourage our youth to get involved and take an active role in today’s society.

Through Student Trade, this is possible.

Yes it does!

Our first project which involved Cronton 6th Form College has been a massive success due to hard work of the students and college.

Their mission was to develop a product suitable for the outdoor and pop festival market. The students designed and marketed the product through Social Media and the results were amazing.

The college seen students inspired by the idea of getting a product developed using social media methods, (something which students are already way ahead of most business’s) The students carried out extensive market research and interacted with potential customers to ensure the product was right.

They designed labels, product fliers/posters and distributed them to all of the relevant area’s both locally and Nationally. They took innovative steps in marketing to customers by engaging with them through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

See for yourself through the students own Facebook page.

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