Washing machine germsYou may not know it but the average washing machine harbours many different bacteria, viruses and fungi that your washing detergent does not remove.  These germs are readily passed on to your clothes spreading infection and potentially exacerbating allergies.

In 2010 ABC News ran a story regarding the poor state of our machines which shocked millions around the world and got people asking how can they prevent this;  Read the full article here

Particularly of concern to mothers, extremely high levels of diarrhoea-causing E.Coli, salmonella, rotavirus and adenovirus and even Hepatitis A can persist in washing machines between washes, infecting everything the clothing comes into contact with including you and your baby.

Now available in Tesco, halo Non Bio is the only high street brand that will remove 99.99% of these germs and keep your machine disinfected even at 30 degrees.