Did you know 97% of fleas and mites don't live on the animal, but in it's surroundings? That's why when you are trying to rid your pet of fleas and mites, it's essential to also treat their surroundings, such as their bed and any soft furnishings your pet has been in contact with.

Halo have begun stocking the natural Paragon Pet range, which includes flea, tick and mite killers and repellents to put on your pet, and also around your home to make sure that all of the pests are eradicated. By not just treating your pet but also treating it's surroundings, the cycle of re-infestation is broken which means your pet will be flea-free for the long-term.

Also in this range are the Paragon Bird products, such as the Paragon Pesticide Free Lice & Mite spray for pigeons, and the Avian House Cleaner & Disinfectant. We will be showcasing these products at The British Homing World Show of the Year, the UK's largest gathering of pigeon fancier's on the 17 &18th of January in Blackpool. So if you are interested in pigeons or any of our pet products, come along to the show and come and say hello to us there!

Have a look at the products here:  halononbio.co.uk/halo-pet/paragon-pet