Halo are happy to announce we have some new products! We've decided to expand our popular Paragon Pet Fruit Fusions range to include some new flavours perfect for Summer. The 3 new flavours coconut, mango & passionfruit and vanilla are guaranteed to give your dog's fur a boost of freshness and to keep it smelling sweet and fruity.

The Fruit Fusions deodorising sprays are designed to be used on the go between washes to freshen up your dog's coat, and it incoporates natural oils which help revitalise and detangle the fur. The Fruit Fusions conditioning shampoos contain organic wheat proteins which nourishes and strengthens the fur, whilst glycerine oil helps reduce skin dryness. Both products are designed to deodorise the fur and give it a fruity freshness.

The 3 new flavours are all on special offer during May at only £2.50 each, so click here to have a look at the range now!