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1/12/15 3:12 PM

Did you know 97% of fleas and mites don't live on the animal, but in it's surroundings? That's why when you are trying to rid your pet of fleas and mites, it's essential to also treat their surroundings, such as their bed and any soft furnishings your pet has been in contact with.

Halo have begun stocking the natural Paragon Pet range, which includes flea, tick and mite killers and repellents to put on your pet, and also around your home to make sure that all of the pests are eradicated. By not just treating your pet but also treating it's surroundings, the cycle of re-infestation is broken which means your pet will be flea-free for the long-term.

Also in this range are the Paragon Bird products, such as the Paragon Pesticide Free Lice & Mite spray for pigeons, and the Avian House Cleaner & Disinfectant. We will be showcasing these products at The British Homing World Show of the Year, the UK's largest gathering of pigeon fancier's on the 17 &18th of January in Blackpool. So if you are interested in pigeons or any of our pet products, come along to the show and come and say hello to us there!

Have a look at the products here: 

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Merry Christmas!

Halo will be closed over Christmas from Monday the 22nd of December. The website will still be open and taking orders, but the time frames in which they will be sent will be a little different.

If your order is placed between December 23rd-28th, then the assigned shipping date is the 29th.

If your order is placed after the 29th, then orders will be sent out on January 5th as that is the date business resumes as usual.

As a thank you to those who decide to order from us over Christmas, we are offering a 15% off discount coupon. Just enter CHRISTMAS15  at the checkout to get 15% off all products.

Everyone at Halo wishes you a very merry Christmas!


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London Vet Show 2014

11/13/14 10:19 AM

Next week we'll be at Europe’s largest veterinary exhibition, the London Vet Show. We're excited to showcase our MediPet and Germ Warfare products to the 3500 delegates who will be attending the show. 

If you are going to the London Vet Show, come and say hello to us as stand M82! 


London Vet Show 2014, Grand Hall, Olympia UK, 20 & 21 November 2014

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Santa Claus makes deal with halo

Paul Ward, the man who turned down Dragons Den James Caan, not once but twice, with his revolutionary halo Laundry Detergent, has just landed the deal of his (and his kids) life by signing an exclusive lifetime contract to supply the jolliest man on the planet, Santa Claus, with his halo Laundry Detergent.

Mrs Claus has endured years of soot filled clothes, through her husband's yearly toy deliveries down chimneys all over the world but since seeing Paul and his ground breaking detergent on Dragons Den she thought enough is enough! So with the help of her chief elf she got word to Paul.

A trip to Lapland and some heated negotiations later and Paul Ward had secured his most high profile deal to date.

Paragon PE’s Paul Ward said, “Forget Dragons Den, Mrs Clause and Santa drove a really hard bargain but how can you say no to the happiest man on the planet. With Santa signing up to halo he will not only keep his suit fresh and clean but his clothes will also be protected from the dreaded ‘winter vomiting bug’ AKA Norovirus, as well as all the other nasty bugs and germs which come out in the winter. We supply some of the biggest companies in the UK & Europe with our revolutionary halo Laundry Detergents but through this exclusive deal with the world's most famous couple, we can finally say we have arrived and since Santa Claus doesn’t have a Tesco nearby to buy his halo Non Bio unlike most families, this fantastic deal means I also get a nice trip to Lapland each year to hand deliver it.”

It truly is a fantastic deal and one which is definitely welcomed by Mrs Claus who said, “For millions of people Christmas Day is for opening presents with the family and watching the Queen's speech but for me I have to struggle to get my husbands suit clean for next year and the standard detergents I have used in the past are simply not up to the job. So now I have halo Laundry Detergent to help me, I can get the job done in half the time, first time, with the added benefit that I can rid his suit of bacteria & viruses at low temperatures”

So what next for the entrepreneur who turned down James Caan twice on Dragons Den and again on morning show Daybreak? Paul said “Now that we have the contract with Santa Claus I think I’ll widen my search and see if he can put me in touch with the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy, who knows. After all clean clothes are for life not just for Christmas”

For more details on all halo products and where to buy, visit

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Dont forget to LIKE our official facebook page!

To get into Christmas spirit, we have put up our Christmas decorations on the website.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a happy new year!

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