Last weekend Paragon PE, the company who manufacture all of the Halo, MediPet and Paragon Pet products were nominated in two categories at the Halton Business Awards 2016.

We're proud to announce that Paragon were awarded the 'Made in Halton' award, for a Halton based business which has achieved remarkable results in the manufacturing sector. Winning this award has proved that Paragon are top manufacturers in the UK, and ensures the quality of our products are always to the best possible standard.

We always knew Halo products were manufactured excellently, but it's great that we now have an award to prove it. Congratulations Paragon!



A Halo product has been recommended in an article in the Daily Mail!

The article, titled 'Want perfect washing? Use FOUR specialist detergents' is about which specialist detergents you should use to achieve the best result when washing clothes. The article recommends Halo Sports Wash, saying 'If your workout wear never smells really clean, try Halo Proactive Sports Wash, which is antibacterial, anti-viral and antifungal at 30C. It can be used on Lycra, Gore-tex and Spandex, killing smelly bacteria and leaving behind active ingredients to fight odour during your next workout.'

We're glad Halo Sports Wash is getting the recognition it deserves, as it truly is a unique product. It is the no.1 sports apparel care product in the UK, due to the fact it is is antibacterial, antifungal and anti-viral all at 30C. It's tough enough to kill bacteria and strong odours, but sensitive enough to protect expensive and delicate sportswear.

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Our Latest Competition

4/10/15 1:00 PM

Paragon, the new name in pet products, is taking the pet world by storm!

This week the Paragon cat products were featured in the new product section of Your Cat Magazine, so to celebrate this we decided to run a competition to win a bundle of Paragon cat products and premium catnip toys. 

We were amazed that nearly 800 people entered the competition and wanted to get their hands on some Paragon pet products. 

In the end the lucky winner was Tracey, who entered the competition through our @Paragonpet twitter account. We hope Tracey and her furry friend love the products they won! 

Don't worry if you missed out on this competition, as Your Cat Magazine are currently running a competition to win one of two bundles of Paragon products. You can enter online by clicking the link below! Good luck!

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Paragon PE are taking learning to the next level by heading a product design project with Business Studies Students from Cronton Sixth Form College in Widnes. Together, Paragon and the College will be designing a product designed for pop festivals. All designs, logos, labels etc will be voted by you, the public, via the students Facebook page The students will then have the opportunity to 'pitch' their ideas in a mock up Dragons Den scenario, involving business experts and then finally to the distributing company who will then go on to sell the product into shops around the UK. The students will document their journey through a video diary, which will be uploaded to You Tube and the product will be marketed through the various Social Media sites which has been made available to them. Today is the 1st day of this exciting project and it has already attracted local support from Halton Borough Council's Chief Executive, David Parr and also Olympic Legend Colin Jackson! To follow this exciting experiment please 'like & share' the students Facebook page plus our own, as we will be documenting everything that unfolds.
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Following on from the 2010 ABC News article “Dirty Laundry? How Nasty Germs Survive in Your Washer” regarding the dangers inherent in the use of washing machines, The Daily Mail has further highlighted this problem, mentioning halo Non Bio in the process in their story “How washing machines can put your family's health at risk”

Washing your clothes at low temperatures, whilst saving money and being gentler on fabrics will not kill the viruses, bacteria, fungi and their associated spores that inhabit your washing machine. That is unless a disinfecting agent is added to each load. halo Non Bio is the only detergent on the market that kills 99.99% of these germs even at low temperatures.

As well as having unrivalled cleaning power, the halo Non Bio revolutionary active ingredient is effective against Listeria, E coli, Norovirus (Vomiting Bug), Influenza (including Bird and Swine Flu strains) and superbugs like MRSA and C.diff. All of these will survive in your machine if you do not boil wash your clothes, particularly when you have mixed loads. The germs that inhabit items of clothing such as underwear, cross-contaminate other items which then infect your family.

Before the invention of halo Non Bio, dealing with fungal growth in your washing machine which can be seen as the dark coloured scum that accumulates in the detergent draw and on the rubber seal used to necessitate regular boil washing and using products like vinegar to clean between washes. By using halo this problem is eradicated, removing another place where bacterial colonies can grow, thrive and affect your family.

To see how our halo products work see our FAQs page and use halo Non Bio to protect your family today!

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