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We're offering even more people the chance to get their hands on their favourite products for free, by holding competitions on our social media pages. Up for grabs this week from Halo is a 6 pack of Halo Non Bio, the highly rated washing detergent that kills 99.9% of hospital superbugs- even at 30 degrees! You can enter this competition by heading to our Facebook, the link for which is at the top of our website.

There's also prizes for you pet lovers out there, as Paragon Pet are also currently holding a competition on their Facebook and Twitter page. The competition prize is £50 worth of Paragon Pet products, so make sure you enter before Friday to be in with a chance of winning. Click the links below to go to the Paragon Pet Facebook or Twitter.

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norovirusUp to one million people in the UK catch Norovirus each year. Also known as the winter vomiting bug due to its higher prevalence during the winter months, it has been responsible for numerous outbreaks all over the nation during the past few weeks, spreading fear and panic amongst parents, the old and people with immunodeficiencies.

The virus is spread mainly through direct contact with an infected person via their hands or through contact with infected surfaces, foods and drinks. The most effective ways of preventing spread of the virus is by regular washing of hands and disinfection of surfaces with antiviral products which is not always easy and convenient.

The halo care product range is 99.99% effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses including Norovirus. By using halo Non Bio in your clothes wash, surface wipes in your home and car as well as the hand mousse when no hand washing facilities are available, you can go a long way to helping protect your family from this infection this winter and throughout the year. Visit the halo Non Bio website for further information as well as the solutions.

Posted in Health Tips By Jamie McCoy
allergy symptomsThe inhalation of airborne fungal spores is a well known trigger for many allergies including Asthma, Rhinitis and certain forms of dermatitis which can often be put down to eczema.
In the autumn many asthma sufferers report a rise in the severity of their symptoms. This is due in large part to the increased levels of mould in the environment and home caused by the relatively damp and warm conditions.
Whilst we cannot control the prevalence of these allergens in the outside environment, we can take steps to reduce their levels in the home.
Reducing the levels of humidity in the home using air conditioning units and improved ventilation symptoms help, albeit at a relatively high cost and can have other detrimental effects I.E. air conditioning can cause drying out of respiratory tissue making inflammation and chest infections more likely.
As well as being 99.99% effective against bacteria and viruses, the halo care product range kills fungi and their spores including seasonal moulds, so using halo products to wash your clothes and clean your home may help alleviate allergy symptoms in you and your family. Try halo today to give your family a cleaner, less allergen-filled home.
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Washing machine germsYou may not know it but the average washing machine harbours many different bacteria, viruses and fungi that your washing detergent does not remove.  These germs are readily passed on to your clothes spreading infection and potentially exacerbating allergies.

In 2010 ABC News ran a story regarding the poor state of our machines which shocked millions around the world and got people asking how can they prevent this;  Read the full article here

Particularly of concern to mothers, extremely high levels of diarrhoea-causing E.Coli, salmonella, rotavirus and adenovirus and even Hepatitis A can persist in washing machines between washes, infecting everything the clothing comes into contact with including you and your baby.

Now available in Tesco, halo Non Bio is the only high street brand that will remove 99.99% of these germs and keep your machine disinfected even at 30 degrees.

Posted in Health Tips By Joe Blogs
prevent fluAs stories of the  mutant strain of the H5N1 Avian flu virus start to hit the headlines, flu season announces its arrival, bringing with it memories of  previous season’s swine, bird flu and SARS scares.
With every year that passes we await more news of what will be the next potential pandemic. 
But as everyone knows, even normal influenza and the common cold can put a huge strain on our lives, making work, home and family life a real struggle.
With so many cold and flu relief products out there it is easy to forget that prevention is better than cure.



But is it possible to stop yourself getting Flu this winter?

The truth is there is no way of guaranteeing you will not catch influenza as there are so many potential sources of infection, however you can reduce the likelihood by eliminating some of these sources!

One of the most significant ways influenza is spread is by hand contact with an infected item such as a light switch, jumper or door handle where the virus can survive for days and is then transmitted to the eyes, nose or mouth, again through touch where they enter the body. As well as regular hand washing, disinfection of surfaces can help in this.

The halo product range is 99.99% effective against all viruses!

This Includes but is not limited to swine and Bird Flu, all bacteria including MRSa, C.Diff and fungi. From washing detergent to surface wipes, using halo in the home, car and office can significantly reduce the potential sources of infection and so help to keep you healthy.
The ability to disinfect fabrics with the halo Non Bio or Sportswash  at 30 Degrees not only gives added protection for the family, but manages to do so whilst being environmentally friendly and saving you money on your fuel bill.
This revolutionary range of products provides wide-ranging protection with the added benefit of eliminating odours by killing the odour causing germs, leaving clean smelling clothes and surfaces. 
Posted in Health Tips By Jamie McCoy

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