Why use halo Sports laundry Detergent?

We have all been to the gym and pulled out our sports kit only to realise it smells. You then have the embarrassment of doing your workout hoping you don’t have to talk to a friend because you smell.

Professional sports people wear clothing designed to help enhance their performance; this clothing is called “Compression clothing" it is designed to hug the body tightly to prevent strains and enhance performance. The problem is after a hard work out this kit can stink.

The Science behind halo Sports Wash

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As you exercise your body produces sweat.

Sweat Facts

Sweat is not just made up of water. It's also composed of ammonia, calcium, chloride, copper, creatine, iodine, iron, lactic acid, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, urea and uric acid. Sodium and chloride are the predominant minerals in sweat, with potassium, calcium and magnesium following and all other minerals in trace amounts.

The most concentrated area of sweat glands is on the bottom of the feet, while the least concentrated area of sweat glands is on the back. Women have more sweat glands than men however men's sweat glands are actually more active, and hence, they tend to sweat more.

Some studies have shown that elite athletes can raise their metabolisms and begin sweating in the time period prior to beginning exercise. Their bodies become so efficient that they begin warming up in preparation for exercise.

Why does my sports clothing smell?

Sweat by itself doesn't smell at all. It's the bacteria that live on your skin that mix with the sweat and give it a unpleasant smell. Sweat has phenolic compounds which are odour active. As you exercise, millions of skin particles are rubbed off from your skin and into the fibres of your clothing, these skin particles then become trapped in your clothing and bacteria start to multiply by feeding on the skin particles. It’s the bacteria that make the smell not the sweat!

How halo Proactive laundry detergent works

The technology

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Using Hygienilac technology, halo Sports Non Bio Laundry detergent attacks bacteria, viruses and bad odours trapped in the weave of the fabric. It eliminates odour making bacteria and kills viruses leaving the fabric clean and fresh. It does this by removing bacteria and skin particles from the clothing. The active ingredients breakdown organic matter trapped within the clothing leaving them clean and fresh.

Unlike standard detergent, halo Proactive Sports Wash leaves behind active agents in the clothing which continue to fight viruses, bacteria and odour making bacteria.

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Electron microscope picture of clothing weave washed in standard laundry detergent. Showing clean fibres

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Electron microscope picture of clothing weave washed in halo Sports Laundry detergent. Showing “the snow flake effect" this shows our active ingredients are not washed out but remain in the clothing fibres offering prolonged odour protection.

Wash Temperatures

Most people wash at high temperatures to kill sweat smells and bacteria within sports clothing. Washing at high temperatures degrades the clothing material and has a huge environmental impact due to the cost of energy for boil washing clothing.

halo Proactive sports wash is proven to kill the odour making bacteria at 30 degrees. This Saves energy, reducing your carbon footprint and prolonging the life of your clothing.

Low foam technology (better for the environment)

halo Proactive Sports Wash uses low foaming technology which produces less foaming in the wash. This means when the wash cycle is finished the effluent going into the drain contains less chemicals and so is better for the environment.

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Why not check this fact out. Look in your washing machine you will see significantly less foam during the washing of your clothing.

Testing and Efficacy

halo liquid laundry detergent has been scientifically tested by independent UK laboratories to prove it kills both virus and bacteria to British Standards.

Scientific tests carried out show that halo laundry detergent leads the way in removing sweat odours, bacteria, viruses and fungi in the wash cycle.

Scientific tests show that the detergents and active ingredients used are gentle on the skin.

Using low foaming and low temperature wash technology, halo Proactive Sports Wash is seeking to reduce chemical effluent into sewers and reduce energy usage for the household.

Raw materials

This laundry detergent has been scientifically proven to be free from alcohol and animal derivative.

halo Proactive Sports Laundry Detergent is also HALAL approved Certificate No 2011-008

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