halo has been working with the UK’s leading Halal accreditation body All Things Halal to develop a range of cleaning and sanitizing products which are scientifically proven to meet Halal requirements. Many cleaning products on the market contain alcohol and animal derivatives making them unsuitable for Muslims. It is possible for Muslims to exclude certain products from their home by looking out for these ingredients; however it is practically impossible to establish whether a product is Halal simply by reading the ingredients label as many other factors must be taken into account.

As part of halo Non Bio’s commitment to providing safe and effective cleaning and disinfection solutions to as many as possible, we have employed the best quality control standards during and post production to ensure that we meet the strictest criteria established by al All Things Halal.

Using The Halal approved halo product range ensures that your clothes and surfaces are cleansed of dirt, grime and 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and their associated spores. Muslims can achieve this is all safe in the knowledge that they are not having to compromise cleanliness and safety when observing their Muslim duties. Look here to view the halo Halal certification documents and look out for the halo Halal approved products marked with All Things Halal stamp in our brand new shopping cart site.

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